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Cedie Lynn was born on 6/16/05 in Memphis, TN. She arrived 6 wks early. Cedie spent the first 11 & 1/2 months in the hospital. Although she endured many surgeries and spent 2/3 of her life in hospitals, she was a very happy, beautiful little girl who was full of love and who was loved by everyone who met her in person and online. She now watches over all of us as our own little angel.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday, 4/21/06

According to today's nurse, Cedie had a great day. She was happy all day. She took a little nap when I first got there but then she woke up and we played. She was really playful during her 6pm feeding! What a mess! She took 14cc and then decided it was more fun to spit it at mommy :-)

Cedie did another 10 hour CPAP trial today. She handled it with no problems, so they have ordered a 12 hour trial for tomorrow. Her respiratory therapist says she handling it like a champ and she would not be surprised to see Cedie on trach collar soon! (this is the next step after CPAP-a step we have yet to try)

I forgot to ask yesterday, but I found out today that Cedie weighed 7.58kg (16.7 lbs) yesterday! She only gets weighed on Mondays and Thursdays. She grew almost 1.5 lbs in 4 days!

I called to check on her at 10pm. Her night nurse said that she had just gone to sleep 30 minutes ago! She said she had been contently playing in her bed since I left around 8pm. She was playing with my t-shirt (I give her a t-shirt, which I wore the night before, every night to help her with her separation fears-she loves it). Her regular weekend night nurse (who we love!) is always telling me how Cedie "works" my shirt before she finally goes to sleep. It has to be just right (usually most of it is covering her head and lately she has been sticking some of it on her thumb and into her mouth!).

I talked to the cardiologist today. He said the cath lab is really swamped but we may be able to get her in next Thursday.


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