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Cedie Lynn was born on 6/16/05 in Memphis, TN. She arrived 6 wks early. Cedie spent the first 11 & 1/2 months in the hospital. Although she endured many surgeries and spent 2/3 of her life in hospitals, she was a very happy, beautiful little girl who was full of love and who was loved by everyone who met her in person and online. She now watches over all of us as our own little angel.

Friday, June 02, 2006

6/2/06-First Pediatrician Visit

Today Cedie got to meet her pediatrician for the first time. We had an appt the first time she was discharged but we were re-admitted the night before her appt. It was quite a task to get her and her stuff ready to go and into the car! It took some arranging but Cedie, her nurse, and I all finally made it in the car and went on our way. I thought I had a big enough car until I piled all of her equipment into it!

The doctor was really nice. Cedie semed to like her as well. She examined Cedie from head to toes. She said Cedie looked really good and healthy. We will be seeing her every two weeks until things stable out and we all get comfortable. She seemed genuinely interested in being an active part of Cedie's care.

Cedie fell asleep on the way home. When she woke up, one of her favorite nurses from TCU came to visit her. We enjoyed the company.

We have been working on bottle feeding and baby foods since we've been home. She is not doing so great on the bottle (she's still getting used to people being around when we are doing a bottle attempt). However, I think she is making progress with the baby food. We tried cereal tonight. It was an interesting expierience :-)


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