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Cedie Lynn was born on 6/16/05 in Memphis, TN. She arrived 6 wks early. Cedie spent the first 11 & 1/2 months in the hospital. Although she endured many surgeries and spent 2/3 of her life in hospitals, she was a very happy, beautiful little girl who was full of love and who was loved by everyone who met her in person and online. She now watches over all of us as our own little angel.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday, 6/1/06- 1st full day home

I went to bed at 5:30am this morning and got to sleep until 8:30 because I had both the nursing agency director and the resp. therapist coming over at 9. The reason I was up for 24 hours was because my night shift nurse was crazy and unskilled. Its a long story. She was so high strung that she had me scared. Lets just say that when you are teaching your nurse how to suction at 12:30 am, it is not a good thing. Luckily the nurse that came home with us came back around 5. The night nurse doesn't work for the agency anymore.

Needless to say, we took it easy today. I held Cedie for a big part of the day (had to make up for lost time :-) ) Dylan was a very helpful big brother. We had several visitors as well.

Cedie seemed very happy all day. I took her outside late in the afternoon and she loved that. She loved it so much that she cried when I had to take her back in.

The new night nurse came around 7. We instantly clicked with her and she actually new what she was doing so I crashed around 8:30. She said Cedie did great all night.


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