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Cedie Lynn was born on 6/16/05 in Memphis, TN. She arrived 6 wks early. Cedie spent the first 11 & 1/2 months in the hospital. Although she endured many surgeries and spent 2/3 of her life in hospitals, she was a very happy, beautiful little girl who was full of love and who was loved by everyone who met her in person and online. She now watches over all of us as our own little angel.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday, 5/23/06- Training Day #1

We did our first (of 3) training day today. We learned how to clean & sterilize her trach tubes. We learned how to take care of, troubleshoot, and clean her new home suction machine. The home apnea monitor is the same as she had the last time she was at home (9 mths ago) so that training was a breeze. We also learned all about O2 tanks. Lastly, we were trained (again) on infant CPR. That certainly brought about some scary flashbacks but her dad and I remembered how to do it so that was easy too. In all, it took about 2 hours. Tomorrow we will train on the vent itself.

Cedie had a good day. She sat in her swing during our training session. She acted like she was paying attention for a while then she decided it was a good time to take to take a nap :-) She knew mom and dad would take of things :-)

She took 14cc from her bottle today! We are slowly making our way back up. She got out of practice during all her recent surgeries. When she gets home she will be seeing lots more of the bottle! Also, her ST fed her green beans earlier today.

She did a 30 min. CPAP trial this morning. They took a gas afterward and it looked good so she did a hour trial tonight. She handled it well. Also, she is now on 25% O2!

We are still set for discharge next Wednesday!


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